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Little Money Lessons for Big Future Plans

We teach long term wealth building to children and their parents.

It's never too late to start. No amount is too small. Play games, giggle and ensure your child's financial security. We're not scary. There is no guilt involved. Funding the future is easy and fun!

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Make Your Money Work For You

Start off right and feeling good about it. We teach you and your child how to grow you money and guide you each step of the way. We eliminate the guess work and move at your pace to make the right decision for your family. Your children deserve to know how the financial system works and they understand a lot more than you think they can!

3 Part Intro Series. Each session is 30 min demonstration for all + 1 hour parent education and Q&A.

    Compound Interest

    The foundation of financial security

    Reinvest an asset's earnings and watch the pot 'o gold grow. (Confused? You won't be after the fun and interactive workshop demo!) Get the answers to start your child's investment account. It takes less than 30 min online!

    Banking & Lending Systems

    The beating heart of an economy 

    How does a credit card work? Why do banks pay me to save? What happens to money after it's spent? We go to the center of the money action and learn how it all works. This is the behind-the-scenes when money exchanges hands.

    Healthy Money Patterns

    Set up your child up for a prosperous future

    The cap stone to mastering wealth is a healthy relationship with money. Together we bust the outdated idea that money should be secret. For the big kids we often cover current events to understand the financial stories in the news.

"This was amazing! Everyone should do it. After just one session, I feel so much relief that my kids' futures are taken care of. College is expensive and I knew I should do some kind of investing. Starting that seemed so complicated and I could never find the time. My kids loved working with Andrea too. Thank you!"

-Kate in California

Mom to Madeline, 10 and Jake, 7

It's Easy!

Money Animals did all the hard work. You reap the benefits from our research. 

Interactive and Fun 

Kids learn best when they're having a good time. These are life long lessons. 

Expert Knowledge

Your family is getting the best from vetted money and education experts.

What do I need to get started?

The honest truth is that you don't need much!

Comfortable Location

A spot where we can sit in a circle around the Money Box. Could be your living room floor, kitchen table or a picnic blanket at the park. 

A Couple Friends

One is boring. Many is fun. We recommend 3 to 6 children. We can do multiple back-to-back groups for large numbers.


Bring your open mind and curiosity. Be prepared to participate and ask questions. (Ask A LOT of questions!)

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For Babies & Toddlers

Did you know that a person's financial blueprint is created by the time they reach kindergarten? Discover how your habits and beliefs influence your youngster's developing perception of money. This is the time to make the greatest impact for a healthy relationship with money.

You are your child's first teacher and you don't need to wait until your child can count. There's a lot parents can learn, practice and do to unlock the financial genius in themselves! 

Create the framework for how your household envisions working with children and money. Set up healthy money patterns for your child to model. Start investing early for your child and reap the rewards of compound interest. Working with Money Animals early is an investment in the future.

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People love our workshop series!

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here.

''I can prepare myself for my future!''

Jordan • Age 9

''I faced my dislike of dealing with finances. Andrea made it easy to understand. My kids loved her!''

Cassandra • Age 31 plus a few

''Now I understand the news. It makes me feel capable and smart.''

Ava • Age 12

''Highly recommended. I thought I knew about investing but turns out there's always more to learn.'

James • Age closer to 40 than 30

Frequently asked questions...

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here.

What is covered in a session?

The main topics for each session are:

   1. Compound Interest is the nuts and bolts of growing wealth through investing. This is how the rich get richer.

   2. Banking, Lending and Money Systems unveils what happens behind the scenes when someone spends money. We demystify how money works.

   3. Healthy Money Patterns sets children up to have a good relationship with their money and develop skills (and confidence) to talk about it.

The sessions are child-led so we can address each child's questions and meet their curiosity. The Money Animals team will encourage open and curious discussion around the topics. We're always surprised at what kids ask and encourage those wacky questions! Each session for each group is slightly different depending on what the children are interested in talking about. Everyone learns a lot!

Is this suitable for a beginner? I don't know anything about money!

Yes! Beginners welcomed! We love you guys because you bring the best questions. And you'd be surprised at what you and your children actually know about money. We think is fantastic when parents and kids learn together.

Is my child old enough? Are they too old?

We have something for everyone because money affects us all. For the Money Animals Jr. workshops, we recommend 5 and up. Kindergarten is a great time to start because kids are confident counters. Those that have learned percentages in school will have an added bonus. If you have a baby or toddler, parents can start planning how they Everyone will learn something incredibly useful, regardless of their age.

I don't have a lot of money, can I still participate?

Of course! We have a generous grant from Learning Different Alliance to make the workshops accessible to all children. Contact us if the fee is a burden. No one is turned away.

Our investment recommendations work for $100 and up. We have a beta program funded by generous and loving families to help those who need a helping hand for their child's seed funding. 

Do you offer personal coaching?

Yes! Contact us for a free discovery session and learn how we can help you.

Can you accommodate a neurodiverse/special needs person?

Of course! Our team's biggest superpower is our own neurodiverse members. We want everyone to have a great learning experience so let us know in advance if special attention is needed for someone.

Can you do mixed age groups?

Yes and no. We recommend children be of similar age so that we can tailor developmentally appropriate content to their abilities. That being said, we don't ever want to leave out a friend or sibling! We can make it work.

I heard you use real money with the kids, is that true?

Yes! Money is a serious topic and your child is smart. We don't use "Monopoly money" because that's a game and we're not teaching kids how to play with money. We don't believe money should be treated like a toy. This is serious stuff (even if we have fun and laugh)!

Our Money Box coins are real US currency. We get it from the bank and wash them in Andrea's kitchen sink with dish soap. And then we spray hand sanitizer on it. It's not dirty! The bills are high quality prop money, the kind that's used in movies and shows. It's not toy money. It's printed on both sides and looks very real. It follows the US Treasury guidelines for printing prop money and is appropriately marked as not legal tender. 

Sometimes we use learning tools that has money confetti in it. This is actually REAL money. It's shredded US dollar bills that were once in circulation. We obtained the currency residue (that's the official term!) from the US Treasury and have special permission to have it and use it for educational purposes. Sorry, we cannot open it and let you touch it.... it's against the rules. Fun fact: 22 lbs of currency residue is a million dollars!

Money Animals Cares a Non-Profit Organization

Money Animals Cares is offering free programming for families in need. Sign up to join a workshop series and receive a matching initial funding to super charge your child's wealth building. Get added bonus information about setting up a tax advantageous 529 educational savings account.

Donate Today!

Money Animal Cares needs help from caring and generous people like you. If you felt like you got your money's worth at an event, please help us fund someone less fortunate. Together we can change lives! No donation is too small.

Money Animal Cares is awaiting 501(c)3 status. 

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