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The way you feel about money shapes how you handle it. Getting to know your money mindset will put you on track to lasting financial wellness. Take the Money Animals™ quiz and set yourself on the path to a secure financial future today!

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What is Money Animals™?

No two people see the world exactly alike. We all have unique ideas, experiences, goals, and feelings. So why, when it comes to money, do we apply the same dated one-size-fits-all strategy? The truth at best is that one size fits some but what about the rest of us? What do we do when the traditional system of money management fails to solve our money woes?

The Money Animals Team asked those same questions and combed through behavioral and neuroscience research to uncover the ways different people think about their finances. We identified the unique psychological money mindset of 8 distinctive personality types that led us to create Money Animals™. 

It starts with a 7 minute quiz that takes you through a series of carefully crafted, light-hearted questions that aid in identifying YOUR unique money mindset. Start your transformation and be one step closer to financial success.

It's Easy!

There’s no finance jargon and you don't need to be an economist to decipher your results. Money Animals™ uses everyday language to solve your everyday money problems.


No two people are the same. Get a tailored plan for improving your financial stability and grow your wealth in a way that feels authentic to you.

Lasting Results

We understand YOU. We bundle neuroscience, psychology and technical finance to leverage your best qualities and make it easy.

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Money Animals Jr.

Little money lessons for big future plans

It's not too late to start and no amount is too small. Book your private workshop, sign up for events or get your downloadable. Your child's future is bright-- make sure you can fund it.

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Money Animals™ is for you if...

  • You want financial security & freedom

  • Money problems stress you out

  • Would like more control over your finances

  • You are a curious person

This is not for you if...

  • Building wealth isn't important

  • Being empowered is not your thing

  • You are a cat or chat bot

Meet the Money Animals™!

Money Ostrich

The spontaneous and easy-going Money Ostrich has a joyful presence and loves living life to the fullest. They know the value of keeping fun and finances balanced.



Are You A Money Ostrich?

Money Phoenix

The Money Phoenix lives a life of unique self-expression. They are masters identifying tiny differences that will set them apart and make their ideas successful.



Are You A Money Phoenix?

Money Horse

Strong and stabilizing, the Money Horse has its eye on life's obstacles. These are our supportive partners ready to share duties for the benefit of the relationship.



Are You A Money Horse?

Money Squirrel

The Money Squirrel is a clever and creative problem solver. They present a type of alert calmness to their scurry and are always prepared for what may come rain or shine.



Are You A Money Horse?

Money Beaver

Money Beavers can change their worlds. These motivated, hard-working Money Animals are a non-stop, multifaceted combination of willpower and resourcefulness.


Goal Driven

Are You A Money Beaver?

Money Elephant

The Money Elephant's life centers around family and community. They are steadfast and peaceable, count on them to act on behalf of the greater good of everyone.


Moral Compass

Are You A Money Elephant?

Money Lion

Money Lions are highly intuitive, social creatures, in touch with their pride. Strategic and motivating, they can mobilize any group with a whisper or a roar.



Are You A Money Lion?

Money Bear

Powerful, dominating and disciplined all around, Money Bears' actions come from love. They can comfortably balance available resources and generosity with safety.


Outcome Engineering

Are You A Money Bear?

Why Take the Money Animal Quiz?

Who doesn't love an online quiz? Take the money personality quiz right now! Learn something new about yourself, increase self-awareness and finally figure out why you spend the way you do. Start your transformation. It's easy, fun and FREE!

  • 1. DISCOVER Your Money Animal

  • 2. LEARN About Your Money Animal

  • 3. PROSPER  on Your path to Financial Wellness

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     Who's Behind Money Animals™?

    Money is Andrea’s “thing.” She has a knack for removing the shame, guilt, secrecy, and fear surrounding money using humor, storytelling, and easy-to-identify metaphors. A CFO by training, she built a career path from traditional corporate finance to Money Animals™ creator by tapping into the psychology of a person’s money blueprint. Created for her championship-winning professional athletes and top grossing Hollywood entertainer clients, Andrea realized the techniques she used with these ultra-high net worth individuals would work for everyone, regardless of bank-account size. Money Animals combines her financial expertise and desire for everyone to have customized learning plan for wealth creation. Andrea is a Money Bear and has a BA in International Economics from UCLA, and an MBA in finance & operations from USC Marshall School of Business. She loves what she does.

    I believe everyone has a money genius inside of them and deserves to feel financially secure. I created Money Animals™ to improve the lives of everyone, not just the rich.